Principal’s Message

Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim

Education is the basis of all progress. It is for this very reason that Don Bosco College ventured into education about 32 years ago. Over a three and a half decade of experience has taught us that progress is possible only if men and women are equally well-educated.The entire purpose of education is not to restrict itself to imparting bookish knowledge only but to inculcate humanitarian values like wisdom, compassion, courage, humility, integrity and reliability in the students.All of us believe in holistic education,

About the College

Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim

Saint John Bosco, popularly known as Don Bosco, was a priest of the Catholic Church, who came to the rescue of the poor, disadvantaged youth of his time with his innovative method of educating them through total immersion in their world, with personal involvement in their lives and aspirations, with a dedication that was total. Don Bosco College is a Registered Society and is permanently affiliated to North Eastern Hill University (NEHU) for Degree Courses in Arts, Science and Commerce.


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