Webinar on “Approaches to Development: the Trajectory in International Development”

Amidst the present scenario with the ongoing pandemic, we have to adapt to the changes and hence platforms like Webinars have provided us opportunity to come together and learn. In this light, the Department of Sociology, Don Bosco College Tura made its first foray into conducting a National webinar on the theme “Approaches to Development: the trajectory in International Development”. It was conducted on the 28th of August 2020 at 11:00 am and was aired live on two platforms, Zoom and You tube.

Gracing the occasion was our two esteemed Resource Persons Dr Samantha Syiem Clark, Former Lecturer of Sussex University, United Kingdom and present Guest Lecturer North Eastern Hill University and Dr Amiya Kumar Das, Associate Professor Tezpur University who shared their knowledge and expertise on the topic.

The program started with a brief introduction by Ms. Lakyntiewhun Sohtun, Assistant Professor, H.O.D Sociology followed by a welcome address by the Principal, Rev. Fr. Bivan R. Mukhim. Without further ado, Dr. Samantha Syiem Clark kick start the webinar as the first speaker wherein she begins by saying that there is no clear definition or meaning of development and it is a very elusive concept. It was a very clear and informative presentation as she enlightened us on the trajectory of development of how in different time periods and sectors the notion of development changes.

In continuance, Dr. Amiya Kumar Das followed suit with a very enriching and insightful discussion on the topic. In his discussion he mentioned many theorists like Immanuel Kant, W.W.Rostow, Ulrich Beck, Anthony Giddens and so forth.  He also stated that marketisation of social life is a big challenge in today’s time. In conclusion, he goes on to say that we as Sociologists should interrogate and ask questions whether development is good for the society, is it good for the individual and most importantly is it good for the earth. Next, as questions were raised from the audience the two respective Resource persons, Dr. S. S Clark and Dr. A.K. Das addressed their queries and tackled each question delightfully. The session ended with Sir Bikki Ch. Sangma, Assistant Professor Department of Sociology delivering the vote of Thanks.