The Students’ Welfare Association, also known as SWA, is a students’ body council formed by the students of Don Bosco College. The SWA is a body that has been formed with the noble intention of catering to the needs and welfare of the students and the institution as a whole. This association acts as a connecting medium between the students and the authorities of the college.

The body is formed by the students on the basis of yearly elections, where the contesting members bearing strong influential characters and leadership qualities are elected by the students of the college itself. The association consists of members such as, the president, the general secretary, and leaders of several other sub- committees, who take care of various disciplines of work that are entrusted to them.

The SWA of Don Bosco College, Tura, is an independent body which has no affiliation with organizations outside the college. It functions solely for the college and is at the disposal of the needs of the college as seen by the students as well as the institution.

The body functions as a strong agent in bridging the gap between the professors and the students. The Association works in close collaboration with the teachers and the management.

This Association plays an active role in various activities organized by the college. It is the responsibility of the organization to organize the freshers’ social, teachers’ day and the parting social. They will also assist in any programme that will be organized in the college.

Office bearers are elected by the students in a unique way. Each class elects its representatives who in turn elect the office bearers who head the organization.

SWA Representatives 2019-2020




B.A. (Arts)

B.A-Sem1 (Sec. A)

Agape Nicanor P Marak

Jasmine Sylvera Ch.Marak

B.A-Sem1 (Sec. B)

Sunit Ekka Nathalie G. Momin

B.A-Sem3 (Sec. A)

Bonsrang A Sangma Liliana Ch. Momin

B.A-Sem3 (Sec. B)

Astle Bonkam M. Marak Tengno D. Sangma

B.A-Sem5 (Sec. A)

Julias Griksrang M. Sangma Florina D. Sangma

B.A-Sem5 (Sec. B)

Marcush Sangma Pangrangchi Ch. Marak




B.Sc. Sem1

Rakesh Ch. Saha Millennium K.Marak

B.Sc. Sem1

Bulbul G. Momin Uma Tamang

3rd sem.B.sc

James A Sangma Mandiamky Lamin

3rd sem.B.sc

Minibirth Marak Poonam Kumari

B.Sc. Sem5

Tenang Ch. Marak Sengdim M. Marak

B.Sc. Sem5

Akash Basfor Rong Janggi ch. Momin




B.Com. Sem1

Adarsh Kr. Rabha Jenia N. Marak

B.Com. Sem3

Munna Basfor Elshadora N. Marak

B.Com. Sem5

Subhro Deep Gosh Jamuna Bhandari


SWA Leaders 2019-2020






Astle Bonkam M. Marak BA18-399 3rd Sem

Vice President

Tengno D. Sangma BA18-356 3rd Sem

General Secretary

Markush Sangma BA17-219 3rd Sem

Joint Secretary

Elshadora N. Marak BC18-030 3rd Sem

Boys’Common Room incharge

James A Sangma BS18-040 3rd Sem
Minibirth Marak BS18-062 3rd Sem

Girls’ Common Room incharge

Liliana Ch. Momin BA18-201 3rd Sem
Nathalie G. Momin BA19-270 1st Sem

Secy. (Art & Culture)

Munna Basfor BC18-059 3rd Sem
Jasmine Sylvera Ch.Marak BA19-180 1st Sem

Joint Secy. (Art & Culture)

Adarsh Kr. Rabha BC19-001 1st Sem
Uma Tamang BS19-153 1st Sem

Secy, (Games & Sports)

Subhro Deep Gosh BC15-070 5th Sem
Jenia N. Marak BC19-034 1st Sem

Joint Secy. (Games & Sports)

Bulbul G. Momin BS19-031 1st Sem
Jamuna Bhandari BC17-067 5th Sem
Library Advisory committee Markush Sangma BS19-103 1st Sem
Florina D. Sangma BA17-127 5st Sem
Academic committee Rakesh Ch. Saha BS19-121 1st Sem