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Instruction for Online Registration (Online registrationna dakna nanggnirang)

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Click Online Admission Register on (
(Online gita Admission Register ka·na kosikdepe sandibo)

  Register by clicking on the “Apply Now” button, fill appropriate information.
(“Apply Now” ingipa buttonko sikdepenba register ka·bo, nanggipa u·iatanirangko gapatbo)

Authenticate the details and Sign In to the online admission portal.
(Nang·ni formo gapatgiminko kakket ong·a ine mesokani ja·mano online admissionko register ka·na “sign In” ingipako sikdepbo)

Select appropriate Programme or any other, as per your preferences through the "Apply Programme" option. Applicants have a     choice to select the required program.
(Na·a mai programmeko poraina ska, uko na·a seokna man·a.)

Attend to each section carefully and fill in the relevant information such as Personal Information
    (Name as of Class X, Select Programme, Date of Birth, Gender, E-mail and Mobile No. for communication from the College)
(An·tangni gimin nangchongmotgipa u·iatanirangko ge·prakprak boxko basee gapatbo (jekai, Bimung, programme (arts/science/com) Atchiani bilsi, (Me·a/Me·chik), Email aro     mobile NO.ko on·bo)

Note :
Please ensure that all information provided is correct and accurate.
(Formo gapatgipa pilakan kaket aro ong·chongmotgipa ong·na nanga)

Upload your Photo
(Nang·ni photoko upload ka·bo)

Register and make the Payment.
(Register ka·ani ja·mano pilak gamna nangarangko gambo)

You will receive the Login ID and Password in your registered e-mail and Mobile.
(Gamani ja·mano Login ID aro password-ko nang·ni register ka·gipa e-mail aro mobile-ona watatgen)

Use these details to login to the application portal and fill in all the relevant information.
(Applicationo nangchongmotgipa informationko gapatna nang·ni log-in ID aro password-ko jakkale gapatna nanggen)

Applicant Login

Use your Login ID and Password to LOGIN to the Online Admission page. Details used for Registration will remain the same     (Name as of Class X, Select Programme, Date of Birth, Gender, E-mail and Mobile No.)
(Online Admission jako (page-o) gapatna nang·ni LOGIN ID aro Password-ko jakkale (Bimung, Programme, Atchiani bilsi, (Me·a/ Me·chik), Email aro mobile No.ko gapatbo)

The entire Form is divided into sections for the sake of convenience of the Applicant
    (Personal Information, Parents’ Information, Education Qualification, Other Information)
(Na·simangna altuna gita formko toktok dake tariaha (An·tangni gimin u·iatani, jekai- Ma·a paani gimin, Poraiani gadang, gipin nangchomgmotgiparang)

The Applicant has to provide correct information that is needed in applying for the Programme. While filling in the Online Form,     kindly ensure that you have entered relevant data in *fields marked mandatory.
(Ia collegeo napna galengon, chong·motgipa u·iatani (information)ko on·na nanga. Online Formo gapatmitingo ia Asterisk chin (*) mesokgipako, galchanggija gapatna nanga.)

Applicants can login multiple times and resume from where he/she has left off.
(Jemangan ia collegeo napna gita iano galenga, uamang an·tangtangni ni resume-ko log-in ka·e, badia biapo reanggipa chango dontongachim uoni gapatangtaina man·gen.)

Only an Application that is complete in every way, with all the details required should be submitted by selecting “Submit” option.
(Jensalo nangchongmotgiparangko chu·gimik gapataha, unosa “submit” ingipao basee sikdepbo)

CHANGES CAN BE MADE even after submitting the application form.
(Application Formo maiba dingtangatna nangnani dongode, formko submit ka·ani ja·manoba dingtangatna man·gen)

Applicants are requested to note down their Application Numbers and Name of the Programme for future reference.
(Galatenggipa chatro/chatri an·tangni Application Number aro mai Programmena miksonge galatachim uko ja·mano nanganiona see ra·rikbo)

On successful submission of the Application Form the applicant will get a ‘Registered successfully’ notification.
(Application Formko tiktak dake submit ka·ani ja·mano “Registered Successfully” ine seaniko nikgen)

The Completed Application can be downloaded. You will also receive the Application Form in your registered e-mail ID.
(Gapatman·gimin Formko “download ka·e nina man·gen. Apsankon nang·ni register ka·gipa e-mail ID-oba man·sogen)

To complete the Admission process, the selected students will have to pay the ADMISSION FEE through online payment.
    Fee payment link will be provided through SMS.
(Seoka man·gipa chatro/chatri admission ra·na sikode, Admission Fee-ko online gita gamna man·gen. Fee-ko gamna link-ko SMS gita watatgen)

Applicants who do not get Direct Admission will be called for entrance test/interview.
(Online gala joljolan admission man·gijagiparang entrance test ba interview-na re·bana nanggen)

Information will be given to the candidate through registered e-mail ID and mobile number.
(U·itaniko nang·ni e-mail ID ba mobile phone gita u·iatskagen)

Cautionary Directions on Online Admission:

The College will not be held responsible for any consequences arising due to the furnishing of incorrect/incomplete details or     failure to provide the required details.
(U·iatna nanganirangko chu·onggija ba ong·gija gapatanichi maiba nangnikgija obostaona sokna nangode, college uana maming dakeba daito ra·jawa)

Submitting the application does not guarantee a seat in the college.
(Appliccation-ko submit ka·ani gimin college-o admission man·telaigen ong·ja)

All correspondence from the College including Entrance Test, if any, shall be sent only to the registered e-mail address and mobile     number provided by the Applicant in the online Application Form.
(Pilak u·iatanirang jekai entrance test ba gipinrangko college na·simangni formo gapatgipa e-mail address aro mobile numberonasan watatgen)

Applications which do not meet the eligibility criteria given in the prospectus or are incomplete in any respect shall be summarily     rejected. Before applying online, applicants are advised to go through detailed notice available on the website of the College. (Collegeo napna galgiparangoni saobarang prospectus-o donsogimin nanganirangona sokdoja ba chu·soke gapatja ong·ode, uamangni frormrangko ra·chakjawa/jegalgen. Online apply ka·na skang college website-ko name poraie nichengbo)

Applicants must NOT furnish any particulars that are false, tampered or fabricated, or suppress any material / information while     submitting the online application.
(Collegeo napna onlineo galgiparang (applicants) tol·gipa, taridapgipa ba sedapgipa lekkarangko (documents) watatna nangja ba maiba u·iatna nangchongmotgipa donga     ong·ode uko donnue ba ra·rike donna nangja)

Applicants applying for more than one programme of study must apply separately and pay fees separately.
(Collegeo napna galgiparang (applicants) Programme ge·sana bate apply ka·ode Programme ge·prakna dingtang-dingtang dake apply ka·na nanggen aro feekoba dingtang     gamna nanggen)

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