1.Philosophy Department - Quiz

On the 24th of October, 2019, the Department of Philosophy organized the Quiz Competition. In his talk, the principal motivated the students that the quiz is one of the informative ways of learning. He further urged the students to avail the new means of learning provided by the college. Welcoming the gathering, Karbuish Momin, the 5th Semester student expressed his gratitude and joy that the quiz Competition would enhance the knowledge of each and every student. The Competition comprised of four teams having six members each. At the end of the competition, Team B bagged the First Prize followed by the Team A in the Second Place and the Team C and D secured the third place.


2.Department of Philosophy – Seminar on World Religion

The  Department  of  Philosophy, Don Bosco  College, Tura, organized  a  day long  seminar  on  the  theme “World  Religions : Prospects  and  Challenges”  on  7th September, 2017 . The  Seminar  was  sponsored  by  SBI, Chandmary  Branch,  Tura  and  co-sponsored  by  Vodafone  Tura. There  were  five  papers  presented  by  the  students  on  “the  Basic  Concept  of  Religion”,  “Tribal  Religion”,  “Hinduism”,  “Christianity”  and  “Islamism”. Dr. Manav  Deb, Former  Principal  of  B.Ed  College, Rongkhon  was the  Chief  Guest  for  the  event . About  150  Philosophy  Honours  students  from  1st, 3rd and  5th Semester took  part  in the programme  which  began  with  the  inaugural  function  wherein  the  students  welcomed  the  Chief  Guest  in  a  traditional  manner . Dr.  Prabhat  Ch.  Mohanty, HOD, Dept. Of  Philosophy  welcomed   everyone  to  the  seminar  on  behalf  of  all  the  students  and  staff. The  Chief  Guest  exhorted  the  students  to  be the  channels  of  spreading   joy  and  happiness .


3.Seminar on “Religious Perspectives on the Problem of Suffering and Liberation”

The Philosophy departmental seminar was held at Bosco Hall on 19th October 2019 at 10:00 A.M. The theme of the seminar was “Religious Perspectives on the Problem of Suffering and Liberation”. The seminar was inaugurated by the Principal of the college Rev. Fr Bivan Rodriques Mukhim.

The welcome speech was given by Dr. Wanphai Mary K. Japang. Asst. Professor Ferick Salnang D. Sangma introduced the participants of the seminar. The 5th semester Honours students were divided into four groups and each group presented papers on the problem of suffering and liberation as being conceived, understood and interpreted by different religions such as Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism. The first, third and fifth semester students attended and actively participated in the seminar. The seminar concluded with a vote of thanks from Asst. Professor Friangky M. Marak.