1. Department of Commerce – Seminar

World Consumer Rights Day was observed by Commerce Department on the 15th of March, 2018.On that event; a one day Seminar cum Food Fest was organized to mark the importance of the day. The theme of the Seminar was “Making Digital Market Places Fairer”. The programme started at 11.00AM with the lighting of lamp by Rev. Fr.Bivan R.Mukhim, Principal, Don Bosco College, Tura followed by the welcome speech by K.Mahimairaj (Head of the Department, Commerce).About 210 Commerce Students participated in the Seminar. The students presented papers which intend to provide some awareness about the consumer’s product in the present market of food products and to give some idea about the protection and awareness policies and rules and regulations of the available acts in the country. In the afternoon as a practical in market management the department organized Food Fest.


2. Department of Commerce – Entrepreneurship Seminar

Entrepreneurship  Awareness Programme was organized by Commerce Department on the 13th of February, 2018  at  1.00  P.M  in  the  conference  hall, Don  Bosco  College, Tura. The  6th  Semester  B.Sc   and  B.Com  students  along  with  the  Commerce  Department  attended  the  programme. The  programme  was  conducted  by  Dr. Abhigyan  Bhattacharjee, Associate  Professor, Dept. of  Management, NEHU, Tura  Campus,  and  Dr. K. D  Singh, Assistant  Professor, Dept. of  M.B.A, NEHU, Tura  Campus. The  Principal, Rev. Fr. Bivan  Rodriques  Mukhim,  in  his  speech, stressed  the  need  to   organize  such  type  of  programmes. Dr. Abhigyan  Bhattacharjee  spoke  on  the  indispensable  state  of  entrepreneurship,  and  the  importance  of  making  the  format  of  a  project  and  creating  employment .Dr. K. D Singh  addressed  the  gathering  on  the  need  of  an  entrepreneur  to  take  risks  and  create  something  new  and  organize   production. The  programme  ended  with  a  vote  of  thanks  by  Prof. K. Mahimairaj,  HOD  of  the  Dept. of  Commerce.