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Singing Competition, 22nd September, 2017


An Inter- Class Singing Competition was organized on 22nd September 2017, at the College amphitheatre, at 2.30 P.M. The Competition was conducted in two categories of Solo and Group. The participants were judged on voice quality, clarity, timing, stage presence and overall impact.The competition was judged by Prof. Samrat Dey (Dept of Computer Science), Prof. Sengprang A Sangma (Dept of History) and Prof. Biman Tesil Marak (Dept of Geography).

In the solo performance, Noga Sangma of Fifth Semester B.A has adjudged the winner while Chukime R Marak of Third Semester B.Sc and Rupam Sarkar of Third Semester B.A bagged the second and third prize respectively. The participants from the Third Semester B.Sc were the winners, with the participants from the Fifth Semester B.A securing the second prize and First Semester B.A, the third prize in the Group Singing Competition.

The Singing Competition brought out the hidden talents of the students. The event concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Prof. Rani Aruldass.