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Staff and Students Unite for Prayer Service and Floral Tribute to St. John Bosco.

Staff and Students Unite for Prayer Service and Floral Tribute to St. John Bosco.

Staff and students gathered in solemn remembrance around the statue of St. John Bosco on the campus on January 31, 2024, to honor the Feast of the Father and Friend of the young on his death anniversary.

The program commenced at 11:00 AM with the heartfelt rendition of the "Hymn to Don Bosco: All Hail to You Don Bosco," setting the tone for the commemoration. Ms Rehny A Sangma took the podium to deliver an introduction, providing context to the significance of the event.

Fr. John Paul Tirkey, Vice Principal, led the opening prayer, invoking blessings on the assembly and seeking guidance in remembering and honoring the legacy of St. John Bosco. The solemn occasion witnessed Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim, Principal, garlanding the statue of St. John Bosco, while the teaching faculty, non-teaching staff, and students offered floral tributes, creating a vibrant sea of colors at the revered monument.

The Gospel Reading from Matthew 18:1-5 was eloquently presented by Fr. Pius Varghese, the Principal of DBCTE. Following the reading, Fr. Principal shared reflections and insights inspired by the Gospel, emphasizing the timeless teachings and values espoused by St. John Bosco.

Mr. Hilarius Ch Sangma and Dr. Barbara S Sangma, IQAC Coordinator, took the stage to share their thoughts on Don Bosco, shedding light on his remarkable contributions to education and his enduring impact on the lives of the youth.

The program progressed with a series of prayers, including the Thanksgiving Prayer, Intercession Prayers, and a closing Prayer, fostering a sense of spiritual unity among the participants. The atmosphere was infused with gratitude and reverence as the assembly joined in singing the concluding "Hymn to Don Bosco: We Thank You O Lord for Don Bosco."

In a symbolic gesture, a cake commemorating the event was cut by some of the members present, signifying a shared celebration of St. John Bosco's life and legacy.