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Seminar on Language, Literature and Culture organized by Dept. of Garo.

Seminar on Language, Literature and Culture organized by Dept. of Garo.


The Department of Garo, Don Bosco College, Tura, organized a seminar on the intriguing theme of "Language, Literature, and Culture" on 17th November. The event aimed to delve into the roots of names of places in the Garo Hills region, providing students with a unique perspective on the linguistic and cultural aspects of their surroundings.


The seminar comprised three enlightening sessions, each expertly moderated by distinguished faculty members. Dr. Barbara S. Sangma, Dr. Colnat B. Marak, and Ms. Anitha Ch Momin facilitated discussions that encouraged students to explore the origins and significance of place names in the Garo Hills.


Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim, the Principal of Don Bosco College, expressed his delight at the successful organization of the seminar. In his address, he emphasized the invaluable opportunity for students to engage with dedicated teachers who played a crucial role in making the event possible. Reflecting on his own college days, Fr. Mukhim recalled the challenges faced when teachers lacked qualifications and teaching expertise, highlighting the contrast with the current scenario where students benefit from experienced and committed educators.


"As students, you are fortunate to have such dedicated teachers guiding you and organizing seminars for your benefit. Always be grateful for the opportunities you receive," Fr. Mukhim urged the attendees.


The seminar concluded with an evaluation and constructive feedback session conducted by Dr. Barbara S. Sangma, the IQAC Coordinator. She provided valuable insights to the students and suggested areas for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

Sir Nicholas M. Sangma, the Head of the Department, Garo, expressed his gratitude to the participants and extended a vote of thanks. Certificates were awarded to all attendees, recognizing their active participation and contribution to the seminar.