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Dear Batch of 2020,

Today, as we gather to bid you farewell, we are filled with a myriad of emotions. We look back on the journey we shared, a journey that began amidst the uncertainties of a college in lockdown. Despite the challenges that lay before you, you embraced the new normal with resilience and adaptability. Your arrival marked the beginning of a unique chapter in the history of our college.


In the face of adversity, you swiftly acquainted yourselves with the essence and ethos of Don Bosco College. Even in the virtual realm, you displayed an unwavering dedication to your education. Commencing your classes in online mode, you quickly grasped the intricacies of remote learning and adapted seamlessly. Your enthusiasm to learn and your eagerness to explore the vast realm of knowledge became evident from the outset.

You actively participated in all other college activities…. Except for Career Guidance Programmes! Your involvement in various domains such as NSS, NCC, NDLI, games, sports, and a plethora of college events showcased your versatility and passion. Your commitment to excellence was palpable, and you emerged as leaders par excellence in co-curricular activities. You brought honor and glory to our institution, and for that, we are immensely proud.

Notably, you hold the distinction of being the first batch of the re-introduced morning shift students at Don Bosco College. With great responsibility on your shoulders, you embraced this new chapter and set a precedent for future batches to follow. Through your exemplary conduct, you laid the foundation for the flourishing of the morning shift. Your good examples have inspired and motivated others, and the morning shift owes its success to your collective efforts.

We cannot overlook the fact that each one of you is sincere, hardworking, and studious. Your commitment to academic excellence is commendable. You have proven time and again that perseverance and dedication are the keys to success. Your contributions to the college community go far beyond academic achievements, as you have brought positivity, vibrancy, and a sense of belonging to our campus. Your pride in being a part of Don Bosco College has been contagious, and it has fostered a strong bond among all of us.

Today, as we bid you farewell, we do so with a heavy heart. Don Bosco College, Tura will undoubtedly miss your presence. Your absence will leave a void that cannot be easily filled. However, we take solace in the fact that you are prepared to embark on new endeavors, armed with the values and lessons you imbibed during your time here.

As you step into the next phase of your lives, we extend our heartfelt wishes for your future endeavors. May your paths be illuminated with success, happiness, and fulfillment. We have no doubt that you will continue to shine brightly, leaving an indelible mark wherever you go.

Remember, the journey does not end here. Cherish the memories you have made, the friendships you have forged, and the experiences that have shaped you. Carry the torch of Don Bosco College, and let its light guide you toward greatness.

On behalf of the entire college community, we express our gratitude for your invaluable contributions, your unwavering spirit, and the lasting impact you have had on Don Bosco College. Farewell, Batch of 2020, and may your future be filled with infinite possibilities.