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Certificate Course in A∙chik Folk Arts (CAFA)

Certificate Course in A∙chik Folk Arts (CAFA)


The first batch of students from the Certificate Course in A∙chik Folk Arts (CAFA) received their certificates in a ceremony held on May 13, 2023. The event was chaired by Ms. Zinnia K. Marak, Assistant Professor of the English Department, and witnessed by a distinguished gathering of faculty members and students.

The ceremony commenced with an opening prayer led by Dr. Muller Buel M. Sangma, Assistant Professor, followed by a warm welcome address delivered by Mr. Nicholas M. Sangma, Associate Professor. Both faculty members emphasized the significance of preserving and promoting A∙chik folk arts in the region.

To provide insights into their learning journey, two CAFA students, Mr. Robar G. Sangma and Ms. Dodime D. Shira, shared their experiences and highlighted the valuable knowledge gained from the course. They expressed their gratitude to the instructors and staff members for their guidance and support throughout the program.

Dr. Colnat B. Marak, the Convener of CAFA, extended heartfelt appreciation to the Principal of the College, the financial supporters, the staff of the Garo and English Departments, and the CAFA students. Dr. Marak acknowledged their collective efforts in making the course a success and encouraged them to continue promoting and preserving A∙chik folk arts.

Addressing the significance of performing folk arts, Dr. Barbara S. Sangma, Associate Professor and IQAC Coordinator, underscored the importance of cultural heritage and urged the CAFA students to remain committed to their learning journey. Her inspiring words motivated the students to delve deeper into the traditional art forms.

Rev. Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim, the Principal of the College, extended his congratulations to the CAFA students on their successful completion of the course. He commended their dedication and encouraged them to pursue further learning opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills.

The ceremony featured captivating performances by the students, including folk songs and traditional musical instruments. The audience was enthralled by the display of talent and the vibrant celebration of A∙chik folk arts.

Ms. Jakmatchi M. Sangma, Assistant Professor, proposed the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to everyone who contributed to the success of CAFA and the certificate distribution ceremony. She concluded the event on a positive note, emphasizing the transformative power of folk arts and the role of the CAFA course in preserving cultural heritage.