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Excursion – Department of Sociology

Educational tours are part and parcel of the life of students and excursions can provide them solace and help them form an escape route from the tedium of their nerve-wrecking hectic schedule of activities. In this respect, the Department of Sociology undertook an excursion to Shillong with twenty one students from 4th-5th October, 2019. The aim of this trip was to go beyond the regimented course and syllabus.

The trip began on the night of 3rd October, 2019 from Tura to Shillong. The group reached Shillong the following morning and the day started with great enthusiasm. The destination on the 4th of October, 2019 was Sohra, a place known for its waterfalls, its caves, its natural beauty and of course its incessant rain. The travel by bus, with students singing songs and making merry is an unforgettable experience. Even onlookers feel an infectious enthusiasm when they see a busload of students singing and waving to them gaily. Their visit to “Arwah Cave”, Indigenous Village and “Nohkalikai Falls” were enjoyed by them. Students were mesmerised by the panoramic views of the hills and falls in Sohra.

The second day of the trip, the 5th of October started on a more sombre note with a visit to “Rilang” Shelter home (for destitute kids). We engaged in a short interactive session with the children- singing along few songs, playing games and giving them motivational talks. We also took some refreshments for the children and made sure we remembered the moments by taking a lot of photos with them.

Next on our itinerary was a visit to the Don Bosco Museum, Mawlai. Our motive of the visit was to make the students aware of the tribes of North East and to enrich their knowledge about the culture, tradition, place of origin and migration, branches of language and so forth. The students showed a lot of enthusiasm in gathering information in the museum and we spent about two hours there.

Since we had to move out from shillong by the evening, our last stop was the famous Golflink course. The students got to experience a more relaxing time there to bask in the sun and bond together before they had to make their trip back to Tura.