Principal’s Message

April 29, 2016

Don Bosco College, Tura has many things to be proud of during the years. In its 30 years history many golden feathers have been added to its wings of success. More still to be added. Yes… as the motto signifies “In Pursuit of Excellence” the college has grown from the primitive, simple and transparent flow of a tiny stream to the ‘flourish’ and ‘richness’ of a WATERFALL heralding even better times for the college and the students. Don Bosco College, Tura has expanded its family in the last 30 years of its existence.

The renowned English critic and writer Mathew Arnold says that “The Power of Man” and the “Power of the Moment” are essential factors in the Creation of a work of art. It means the creative potentialities of the individual and the conducive and supportive atmosphere to bloom and blossom merge together in the production of masterpieces. To this I would add the most important factor “The Power of God.” In the legendary growth of the college we can see these powers at work. It is my sincere wish that as you move forward to greater heights in your pursuit for excellence you will find in it the grandeur and the richness of an ever flowing fountain leading you to the abundant ‘Cascades’ of resourceful imagination triggering your minds, tickling your hearts and enlarging your knowledge and vision. May Don Bosco the educator Saint of the Young intercede for us.