Philosophy Department organises Quiz Competition

October 26, 2019


Philosophy Department organises Quiz Competition

The Department of Philosophy, Don Bosco College, Tura organized its first ever Philosophy Quiz competition at Bosco Hall on the 24th of October 2019 at 9:45 a.m. The Principal of the college, Rev. Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim, the IQAC Coordinator, Dr Arindam Ghosh and the Head Department of Sociology, Asst. Professor Lakyntiewhun Sohtun graced the event.

In his message, the Principal told the students that quiz is one of the most informative ways of learning which will enable the students to gain better insight about the subject. He also inspired, motivated and encouraged the students to avail the new means of learning provided by the department and the college.

In his speech, the Coordinator of IQAC, Dr. Arindam Ghosh spoke about the relevance of Philosophy and also made the students aware that its importance can be witnessed even till date. Thus, the students should take the opportunity to participate in any competition conducted by the Department.

The welcome speech was given by the 5th semester student, Karbuish Momin. In his address, he enthusiastically expressed his joy and hoped that the quiz will enrich the knowledge of each and every student.

The quiz competition began with the introduction of the Quiz Master, Asst. Professor Lakyntiewhun Sohtun and the participants of the quiz by Dr. Wanphai Mary K. Japang. In her speech, she emphasized that the quiz competition was conducted with an objective to acquaint the Philosophy Honours students with the various problems, concepts, ideas, thoughts, philosophers and systems of both Indian and Western philosophical traditions and also to enhance their interest in the subject.

The quiz comprised: (1) The Quiz Master: Asst. Professor Lakyntiewhun Sohtun (2) Scorekeepers: Asst. Professor Friangky M.Marak and the 5th semester student, Tatyana W. Momin (3) Time Keeper: George A. Sangma, student of 3rd semester and (4) 24 Participants

The 1st, 3rd and 5th semester students were combined and divided into four teams. Each team comprised of six members.

The members of the Team A were: (1) Murat Basfor (2) Nithisa D. Sangma (3) Holybia Rechil Marak (4) Myron D. Sangma (5) Wiseborn A. Sangma and (6) Sengkam R.Marak.

The members of the Team B were: (1) Banchan Chaka Momin (2) Chanda Basfor (3) Pabitra Sharma (4)Preciash R. Marak (5) Lulu G. Marak and (6) Chonkey D. Sangma.

The members of the Team C were: (1)Oliviana D. Shira(2) Shimtilang M. Sangma (3)Palche Ch. Sangma(4)Joseph Ch. Marak (5) Tengsubath Ch. Momin and (6) Sanggitha Shah.

The members of the Team D were: (1) Chaiamyami Ch. Marak (2) Jasminna B. Marak (3) Jane Louise Ch. Marak (4) Lawrence M. Sangma (5) Nikjrang K. Sangma and (6) Vicky Basfor

The questions for the quiz were framed as per the university syllabus. The quiz has four rounds. In the first, second and third rounds, ten marks were awarded for the correct answer and five marks for the passed question whereas in the last round, that is, the rapid-fire round, the correct answer was awarded twenty marks and 10 marks deduction for the wrong answer.  Questions were being raised to the house too and the students tried to answer them enthusiastically.

In each and every round the students participated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. At the end of the quiz, the result was announced by the Quiz Master. Team B bagged the first place followed by the Team A in the second place and the teams C and D bagged the third place.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks from the third semester student, Fathima Ch Marak who expressed her gratitude to the Principal and the teachers for their support and guidance and also to the students whose presence has made the event a grand and a successful one.








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