General Cleanliness Campaign by Students

June 4, 2019

General Cleanliness Campaign by Students

As part of the celebrations of World Environment Day 2019, the students of the college undertook a cleanliness campaign of the college campus on 4th June 2019. The cleanliness campaign was initiated by the IQAC Cell of the college in collaboration with Geography Department, Campus Committee, Green Club, NSS and NCC units of the college.

The Classrooms (Honours and General) were cleaned by the fifth Semester Arts students. They cleaned the doors, windows, desks, benches and grills in the verandah. The department teachers took charge to see that the cleaning was done. The Third Semester Commerce cleaned the rear of the college campus with the guidance of Department of Geography, Campus Committee and NSS Coordinators. The front side of the College including gardens, drive, staircase, amphitheatre were cleaned up by the Third semester Arts students and the IQAC Cell, Green Club and the NCC.

The Principal, Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim expressed gratitude to those involved in carrying out the responsibility of  guiding the students in making the cleanliness drive successful. Fr. Bivan said that it was a pleasure to see the enthusiasm of the students engaged in cleaning the campus.

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