Don Bosco College, Tura pledges to build living roots bridges

June 14, 2019

Don Bosco College, Tura pledges to build living roots bridges

The first semester Botany students were in for a pleasant surprise June 14, to meet someone a little older than themselves, yet in the news for all the right reasons.

Introducing young Morningstar Khongthaw, founder of Living Bridge Foundation,   West Garo Hills D.C. Ram Singh said that the vibrant activist could make a big contribution in sensitizing people about ecology.  Lauding Morningstar’s efforts, the D.C. said that if one is passionate about something, nothing can stop him from seeing his dreams come true. He further said that in the Living Bridge Foundation he saw great scope for eco-tourism, not only in Garo Hills but in the state of Meghalaya.  The D.C. challenged the students to explore Nokrek Biosphere and other such places known for their pristine beauty in the vicinity instead of visiting stinking tourist places outside the State or relying on bookish knowledge of Botany, Ecology and Geography.

Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim while welcoming the unassuming Morningstar and his Team which included his brother Shiningstar Khongthaw, motivated the students to make good use of this rare opportunity of learning first-hand from the young entrepreneur.

Morningstar in his presentation said that the Living Bridge Foundation established in 2018 was the best success story with the motto “Live, Secure, Sustain.”  It all started with a campaign to preserve the Ficus Elastica from marauders in search of the rich latex from the trees. Living bridges, living platforms, living ladders and living tunnels is a community-led project with the co-operation of Khasis and Jaintias.  Having left school after Class XI, he pursued his passion in building and maintaining the rich biodiversity in the region.

Today, Morningstar is much sought after by researchers from other parts of the country and overseas.  At the end of the presentation, the students took the pledge, “We will preserve, protect, multiply our Jingkiengjri Living Roots Bridges.”


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