College celebrates TEACHERS’ DAY to express gratitude to the teachers

September 7, 2019

College celebrates TEACHERS’ DAY to express gratitude to the teachers

Teachers’  Day  was  celebrated  on  5th September, 2019  at  the  College  amphitheatre. The  teachers  were  warmly  welcomed  by  the  Principal, Vice – Principal, SWA  members, the  NCC  cadets  and  the  students of  the  College.

The  programme  started  with an  impressive  dance  performance by  B.Sc  1st Semester, which  was  followed  by  the  SWA  President, Astle Bonkam M. Marak expressing his  gratitude  to  the  teachers on behalf  of  the  students of  the  College in  his  welcome  speech. The  SWA  members  distributed  gifts  to  the  teachers after  some  senior  teachers  and  the  Principal  cut  the  special  Teachers’  Day  cake  on the  stage.

Markush  B.  Sangma, SWA member, delivered  the  Teachers’ Day  Address, which  was  followed  thereafter  by  a  variety  of  dance  performances  by  B.Sc 3rd  Semester, B.A 3rd Semester(sec-A),the  hostel  boys, B.Com 3rd Semester, B.Com 1st Semester, B.A 1st Semester (sec- A).

The  Principal, Rev. Fr. Bivan  Rodriques  Mukhim, in his  speech  thanked  the  teachers  for  their  dedicated  service  to  the College. Professor Habul  Das (Dept. Of Mathematics) also spoke on the  joyful  occasion. The  students  entertained   the  gathering  with  enthralling  dances performed by B.A 3rd Semester (sec-B), B.Sc 5th Semester,NCC  cadets, B.A 5th Semester (sec-A),B.A 5th Semester (sec-B) and  the  Rajasthani group dance.The audience were further entertained by special dance performances by the Department of English along with the 5th Semester English  Honours, and  a  special  dance performed by  the  teachers.

The  programme  concluded  with  the  SWA  Vice – President, Tengno  D. Sangma delivering  the  vote of  thanks.





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