Street Play on ‘Ethical Voting’

February 21, 2018

Street Play on ‘Ethical Voting’

As part of an awareness programme on Ethical Voting, a group of students from the college put up a stunning performance creating awareness amongst the college students to have a right perspective while casting their votes. The street play on Ethical Voting was performed on 19th February during the lunch break.

Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim, Principal addressed the students at the beginning of the street play and wish everyone to cast the votes to a candidate and party that is pro-poor and interested in the welfare of the state and the society. “This short presentation will teach us that no money or gift can buy our precious votes,” he said. He also asked the students to pray for a free, fair and peaceful election as the state is going for poll on 27th February.

The college maintains a minute of silence to pray for the departed souls of Mr. Jonathan N. Sangma, the NCP candidate and three of his followers who were killed in the poll related violence in the state recently.

Fr. Albert D. Sangma, Vice Principal coordinated the practice and help the students to give their best in their performance. Those who watched the performance were enthralled to cast a valid vote during the coming state election.


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