Seminar: Department of Physics

July 27, 2019

Seminar: Department of Physics

A students’ seminar was organized by the Department of Physics, under the charge of Dr. Yubaraj Sharma on the 7th and 8th March, 2019 for the 6th Semester students. The seminar was a part of continuous internal assessment. Each student was assigned a topic and allotted 15 minutes to present his/her presentation on the white board. The topics were from the syllabus, in particular from the paper PHY08(T) – Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy, Nuclear Physics. This exercise had three-fold advantage in that the students were given a platform to exercise their public speaking skills, the topics were relevant for their upcoming exams and the allocation of internal marks provided incentive to take this task seriously.

The following are the list of students and their topics:
Student’s Name
1 Bianchima Sangma Atomic spectra and screening constant
2 Biswajit Biswakarma Zeeman effect
3 Dian Mourien Classical theory of normal Zeeman effect
4 Enysha Marak Larmor’s theorem and Gyromagnetic ratio
5 Kalseng Marak Bohr magneton, Lande g- factor
6 Krenith Sangma Magnetic dipole moment due to orbital motion of the electron.
7 Kritika Rabha Spectral terms s,p,d,f notation.
8 Payal Paul Spin orbit interaction and explanation of fine structure.
9 Quianchang Sangma Quantum numbers associated with vector atom model
10 Roster Marak Stern and Gerlach experiment
11 Arsena Marak Space quantisation and spinning electron






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