Prof. S.R. Lyndem has marathon session with IQAC

October 10, 2018

Prof. S.R. Lyndem has marathon session with IQAC

The newly reconstituted IQAC Team had a marathon session with Prof. S.R. Lyndem, Resource Consultant, RUSA, Govt. of Meghalaya on 9th October, 2018.  Fr. Bivan R. Mukhim, the Principal accorded a warm welcome to Prof. Lyndem and said he looked forward to gaining from his expertise.

In the run-up to the 2nd cycle of Accreditation, Fr. Bivan R. Mukhim, the Principal; the core Team of IQAC headed by Sir Habul Das; Co-coordinator Dr. Arindham Ghosh and the seven Criterion Coordinators with the help of Prof. S.R. Lyndem did an intensive study of  documentation required to complete the Self Study Report.

Drawing from his vast experience of guiding nearly 14 colleges in Meghalaya in preparing for NAAC, Prof. S.R. Lyndem enthused the Teachers setting goals and arriving at deadlines to complete the process in a very participatory manner. The first in a series of meetings, the six hours devoted to this exercise by the Teachers was a fruitful experience.

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