May 7, 2019


Parting  Social  was  organized  on  1st May  to  bid  farewell  to  the  outgoing  students. Dimchang  Momin  and  his  group  presented  an  awe-inspiring gospel  song  at  the  beginning  of  the  programme. The Vice – Principal, Rev. Fr. Albert  T. Sangma  addressed  the  gathering  and  wished  the  outgoing  students  a  great  future and  happiness. This was  followed  by  an  entertaining  dance performed by the  4th Semester  B.Sc  students. Professor  Siddhartha  Roy, the  head  of  the  Economics  department also  delivered a thought  provoking  speech to  the  outgoing  students during  the  programme. The  audience  were  further  entertained  by  a  variety  of  dance  performances  presented  by  2nd Semester  B,Com, 2nd Semester Arts Section A, and  4th  Semester Arts Section A .The SWA  Cultural  Secretary, Wednesbellina  S. Sangma addressed  the  seniors, which  was  followed  by  a dance performances by  2nd Semester Arts Section B  and a  Bhutanese dance by  Dechen  and  her  group. Tengkamchi C. Marak  presented  a special  song  suited  for  the  occasion, and  thereafter, this was  followed  by  various  dance  performances  by  2nd  Semester  B.Sc ( Biology), 4th Semester Arts Section B and 2nd Semester B.Sc( Physical).The  vote  of  thanks  was  delivered  by  Kasaan  Chokchim  M. Sangma, SWA  Vice-President. The  outgoing  students  performed  many  lively  songs  and  entertained  the  gathering  after  the  event.

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