March 28, 2019


Twenty Four Honours students of Zoology & Botany accompanied by two teachers namely, Mr. Toijam Sanjeev Lyngdoh and Ms. Chichi Ch. Sangma from the respective departments participated in a One Day Training Program entitled“ROLE OF BIOINFORMATICS IN UNDERSTANDING BIOLOGY” held on 26thMarch, 2019. The program was sponsored by DBT, Government of India and organized by Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF), NEHU, Tura Campus, Meghalaya at its premises as part of the organizer’s endeavor to disseminate information among the Undergraduate students about Bioinformatics as a course subject and its application in various areas of biological studies.
The program started at 11:00 AM with a formal inaugural functiongraced by Prof. G. Singaiah, Pro-Vice Chancellor, NEHU, Tura Campus as the Chief Guest. It was conducted by Dr. Binu Mathew, Assistant Professor &Co-Coordinator of BIF Centre, Department of RDAP, NEHU, Tura Campus who at the outsetwelcomed the Chief Guest, the various faculty members and the participants. Among those who attended the function were the faculty members of the Department of RDAP, Research Scholars and Teachers & students of Don Bosco College Tura. Among those who spoke wasDr. D.C. Kalita, Head & Associate Professor, Department of RDAP, NEHU, Tura Campus. Hegave a brief about the Department of RDAP from its inception till dateand encouraged the students to utilize the facilities available at the department.Mr. T. Sanjeev Lyngdoh, Assistant Professor, Don Bosco College Tura thanked the Department of RDAP, NEHU on behalf of the college he represented for conducting such programs for the Undergraduate students and urged the students to take the opportunities offered by NEHU Tura Campus in particular to Post graduate and Research opportunities. The Chief Guest dwelt on the importance of perseverance in one’s academic pursuits in order to serve the society as an intellect. He exhorted the students of the region who are pursuing higher education to set goalswith a purpose and strive to achieve them one at a time. The vote of thanks was proposed by Dr. Lolly S. Pereira, Assistant Professor, Department of RDAP and was followed by light refreshment.
The second session of the day’s program began with a lecture by the resource person Dr. Suman K. Nandy, Research Associate, BIF, NEHU, Tura.He delivered an introductory overview of Bioinformatics covering topics such as the genesis of Bio-Technology Information System Network (BTISNet) in India, basics of molecular biology, biological databases & their uses and the bioinformatics tools for harnessing the biological databases. The interactive based lecture tested the basic knowledge of the participants in biological sciences, mathematical skills and computing knowledge. This interactive based lecture on a topic which is relatively new to our students wouldencourage them to review their prior and present learning and make them aware ofthe things to come at the higher level of learning. The lecture was followed by a hands-on demonstration on how to utilize web based biological databases for proteome analysis and protein designing.After observing the students’ responses during the training and going through their feedbacks, the assessment of the student participants made by the undersigned teacher are as follows:
(i) that the students find the topic of the training new to them.
(ii) that they belief such exposure will be helpful for them in future higher studies.
(iii) that the students need to revised their previous learning to build strong basics of their respective elective subjects.
(iv) that the students are punctual, courteous, honest about expressing what they observed, have the temerity to sit through hours long lecture & demonstration and are open to learning a seemingly new topic to them are indicators of their potential for pursuing higher studies.
(iv For the motivated students, the short but meaningful exercise will come in good stead should they opt for higher studies after their graduation.

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