NCC organises Tree Plantation Drive

August 1, 2019

NCC organises Tree Plantation Drive

Around 50 NCC cadets of the college on 31st July 2019 organised a tree plantation drive in Sampalgre area of Tura, West Garo Hills. The cadets undertook the plantation drive as responsible citizens of the state and the country. The plantation drive was held under the direction of Sir Bravewell Mawthoh, CTO NCC.

The cadets responsible planted the trees and enthusiastically completed the task assigned to them. The Principal encouraged the cadets to continue taking care of the saplings and see that it grows well and strong. He added that just as the tender sapling grows into a mighty tree, the lives of the cadets should also grow in the love of humanity. The cadets should be ready to help others the way the tree gave shade to those who stay under it.

He also said that more sapling plantations will be organised often for the NCC cadets so that they learn to appreciate and love nature.

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