National Integration Programme in DDK, Tura

March 26, 2018

National Integration Programme in DDK, Tura

The 16th of March 2018 will remain a memorable experience and achievement to the students of 6th Semester English Honours, Don Bosco College, Tura. The programme was a consequence of the students’ effort to search for a way to raise fund for an outing trip which they had been planning for a very long time. The students confided in the Head of the Department, Dr. Barbara S. Sangma and the Principal, Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim and prepared the programme with their consent and support. The programmme was conducted under the leadership of Rakchimra T. Sangma and Jakrimra R. Marak who are both devoted to music and adventure.

The visit to DDK Tura proved to be an amazing experience. For most of the students it was a first time experience in television recording and they stood in awe when they saw the huge spotlights and the big cameras inside the studio. However, they were made to feel comfortable by the DDK staff who were very good to them and greatly encouraging too. They helped the students to perform with ease and to the best of their abilities.

They were a performing troupe of 23 (twenty-three) students and presented two group songs, a couple of duets and four solo-singing. The DDK staff was really impressed by the renditions, which meant a lot to the students.

It is worthwhile to note that Madhumita Hajong presented an Assamese song. The recording crew was impressed by her rendition and remarked that she was the first one to have sang an Assamese song in DDK, Tura. An English Honours second semester student, Kasaan Chokchim M. Sangma was in the group along with the Sixth semester students and presented a solo which was duly applauded by the DDK crew.

The students were left with a sense of satisfaction of having done well and of having earned some amount by making use of their artistic talents. As they performed for the television, each and every student learned something new from the experience. The students of Sixth Semester English Honours and  are grateful to DDK, Tura, the department of English and the college.

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