Department Seminar: Political Science Department

March 10, 2018

Department Seminar: Political Science Department


The Department of Political Science on 05 March 2018 organised a department seminar on the theme; ‘International Relations and Indian Polity’. The students presented papers. Madam Ipshita Roy, HOD of the department and the teachers prepared the students for the presentation. Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim SDB, Principal in his message asked the students to know more about politics and what is happening around in the society. He also told them that seminar like this will help the students to prepare for the future in term of learning how to present a paper or a seminar.

The topics for the seminar were as follows; Euro Debt Crisis, Demonitization, Elections in North East, United Nations and Human Rights, Globalization, BRICS and ASEAN, NATO, Foreign Policy of Narendra Modi, India China Relations, Foreign Policy of Donald Trump, NPT, Maldives and India Relations, Act East Policy and SALT I and SALT II.

International relations today is characterized by a growing trans-border network and supranational phenomena such as globalization, regionalization, and trans-nationalization. These trends presage the end of the era of international society dominated by sovereign national states. Accordingly, the study of international relations is expanding from the politics of states and nations, to encompass the activities and increasing role of non-state actors, including international organizations, NGOs, and multinational corporations. In particular, the importance of regions and their organizations such as the BRICS and ASEAN has been growing.

The changing scenario in international politics necessitated changes in domestic economic policy which has thrown up new challenges, which in turn have had an impact on the Indian democratic system. While the need to strengthen the nation state is been deemed an essential pre-requisite for a resilient economy, the era of inclusivity brought in by  globalization has also brought in a challenge to much coveted status quos , thus making the ideal of democracy more pragmatic so as to sync  with the forces of social and economic change.

The programme was organized by the team of Prof. Binendro N. Marak, Prof. Bristina D. Shira and Prof Kimberly G. Momin headed by the HOD, Political Science Prof. Ipshita Roy. The seminar involved the presentation of papers by the students who enthusiastically engaged in the deliberations with keenness and curiosity. All students attended the seminar.

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