February 25, 2019


 In order to keep pace with the with the changing world, the Department of Physics, Don Bosco College, Tura organized a Seminar which was presented by all the Physical Science students of 4th Semester Bachelor of Science. The Seminar was held in the college seminar hall (Bosco Hall) on 18th of February, 2019 at 1.00 pm. Altogether 42 students presented the seminar in group of six each. The convenor of the seminar, Dr Arindam Ghosh has distributed seven topics from the syllabus of 4th semester and formed seven groups. Each group was allotted a topic. The topics were – linear accelerators, cyclotron, betatron, proton synchrotron, ionization chamber, GM counter and scintillation counter. The topics were distributed to the respective groups before the winter break. The seminar was attended by 75 participants including seven faculties and one laboratory assistant. Students from 2nd, 4th and 6th semester were present.

The welcome address was given by Dr Yubaraj Sharma, Assistant Professor from the Department of Physics. It was followed by a speech from the Principal, Fr Bivan R Mukhim where he stressed upon the need to organize such seminars for the benefit of the students. He also told that such seminars presented by the students helps them to prepare and built self-confidence for the future. Mr Habul Ch Das, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics and IQAC Coordinator lauded the Department of Physics for conducting the seminar every year inspite of the fact that such programme are not mentioned in the syllabus of the Department. He also told that in the near future he will take the help of the Department of Physics for arranging such seminars for the Department of Mathematics.

The groups then presented the seminar on each topic. The slides consisted of the introduction, theory, working, advantages, disadvantages and uses. After each group had presented the slides, there were question and answer session. At the end of the presentations of all the groups, Dr Arindam Ghosh, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and IQAC Co-coordinator gave a “critical analysis’ of the presentations. He also praised the students for their effort and also discussed about the ‘finer tips’ that has to be taken care-of while presenting such seminars. The vote of thanks was delivered by Mr Gaurav Biswas, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics. Light refreshment was served at the end of the programme.


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