Department of Economics observes World Population Day 2019

July 12, 2019

Department of Economics observes World Population Day 2019

In an attempt to create awareness about the impact of population explosion and to highlight the importance of family planning, gender equality, poverty, maternal health and human rights, the Department of Economics, Don Bosco College, Tura observed the World Population Day, on 11th July, 2019.

This day had been first observed by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Programme inspired by the Public Interest in Five Million Day observed on July 11 1987 when the population of the world touched the Fifth million mark.

In a departure from its convention followed in the preceding years, in 2019 the UN Council refused to set a particular theme and rather called for global attention to the unfinished task of the 1994 international conference on population and development where 179 countries recognized that reproductive health and gender equality are essential for achieving sustainable development.

Alarming surveys indicate that the world population has reached 7.7 billion and is expected to be almost 10 billion by 2050 AD.

In Don Bosco College the day started with a poster competition on the effects of population growth followed by a seminar by the students of the Department of Economics. Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim delivered a power point presentation on the problems of population explosion. Prof. Siddhartha Roy from the Department of Economics underlined the importance of this day in creating awareness on population issues. Fr. Albinus Dhanwar, Vice Principal and Prof. Salkam Leezar S Momin from the department were also present on the occasion.

The 5th semester students presented papers on causes and effects of population growth, relation between population growth and sustainable development and policies framed by the Government of India to check population growth.

The seminar which witnessed the enthusiastic participation of all the students was a resounding success.


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