Course in English Proficiency

March 1, 2018

Course in English Proficiency

With a view to improving the written and spoken skills in English, an Aptitude Test was conducted for all the newly-admitted students in the month of July 2017. There were 626 in all – Arts, Science and Commerce of the First Semester.  The question paper of 100 marks and 90 minutes duration was jointly prepared by Dr. Barbara S. Sangma and Sr. Mariola Sequeira. The correction of the answer scripts was a combined effort of all the teachers.

56 students did not undertake the Aptitude Test for various reasons.

Students scoring 40% and less, were strongly recommended to do a Course in English Proficiency – CEP 2017. These numbered 212, i.e. 177 from Arts stream, 28 from Commerce and 17 from Science.

Teachers in charge of Committee for English Improvement were Dr. Sr. Lucy R. Marak, Sr. Mariola Sequeira and Sr. Beena.

CEP 2017 was conducted from 28th August to 15th December, 2017.  138 registered for this course for which they paid Rs.500/- each.  The Resource pack given to the students contained:

  1. WORD POWER – 3,000 Easiest English Words.
  2. Public Speaking: Resource Book for Effective Communication.
  3. Compact Disc: (Resource Book for Effective Communication).

The students were divided into 3 groups of about 70 each.  The sessions were arranged thrice a week, an hour before and after class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, keeping in mind the convenience of the students. The sessions were shared by Sr. Mariola, Sr. Beena, Sr. Sheeja and Dr. Barbara S. Sangma. Sir Timir Baran Mandal was responsible for distributing the resources to the students registered for the course.

Owing to the fact that large number of students live in rented accommodation and need to return home over the week-end, the attendance gradually dwindled.

Students were advised to read at least 10 books of fiction and at least one newspaper in English daily. The one-page summaries of the books read were collected and evaluated.

On 21st February, 2018, a Final Test was given to conclude CEP 2017 and evaluate the performance of students.  Only 15 students attempted this written test of an hour’s duration.

Certificates on completion of CEP 2017 were distributed by the Principal – Fr. Bivan Rodriques Mukhim, during the Morning Assembly in the college.  The following students persevered in availing of this opportunity:

  1. Tenang Ch. Marak (B.Sc.)
  2. Lonisha Jakkira M Sangma (B.A.)
  3. Biplop Pam (B.A.)
  4. Brighten Ch Marak (B.A.)
  5. Mousumi Paul (B.A.)
  6. Nikita Bhattacharjee (B.A.)
  7. Mollika Paul (B.A.)
  8. Balnith R. Marak (B.A.)
  9. Chimera S. Sangma (B.A.)
  10. Heena Biswas (B.A.)
  11. Gongba R. Marak (B.A.)
  12. Chonkam N Sangma (B.A.)
  13. Lotson Ch. Marak (B.A.)
  14. Brigitha G. Sangma (B.A.)
  15. Sengnatchi M Sangma (B.A.)

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