College organises ‘Tura Talks’ programme to reach out to voters

March 30, 2019

College organises ‘Tura Talks’ programme to reach out to voters

With the intention to maximise reaching out to the specific voters and social influencers in the run up to the Lok Sabha elections a public engagement exercise by way of staging a talk show was organised at the Don Bosco College in Tura on 29th March. The programme was organised by the Chief Electoral Officer, Meghalaya in collaboration with the college. The talk show, ‘Tura Talks’ was organised under Tura Talks programme reaching out to voters. The theme of the talk show is, ‘Empowering the voter, powering the Nation’. The programme was aimed at engaging thinking citizens and the general public to find social and political solutions to the challenges of today.

During the programme, a panel discussion on themes related to elections took place where opinion makers, social thinkers, professionals and people from all walks of life participated. Some of the topics discussed during the programme included, ‘No voter to be left behind’, ‘Get ready for Lok Sabha Elections’, ‘Urban Apathy: Not voting is not a protest, it is surrender’, ‘Grievance: Dial Toll Free- 1950’, ‘EVMVVPAT System’, ‘Want to be a vigilante: Download cVIGIL’ and ‘Get real: Enroll, Vote, Participate, Have your say’.

The Chief Guest of the programme Shri Ram Singh IAS spoke of the importance of exercising the franchise in a most democratic way. He congratulated the college for taking the initiative to organise the programme. Dr. Barbara S. Sangma anchored the programme. Sir Sangra A. Sangma and Dorang Dekamra M. Sangma, Vi Semester B.Sc student of the college took part as members of the panelists.

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